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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree in Electrical Engineering (JUPAS code: JS 3715)
Programme Leader: Dr K.H. Lam


The BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering at the PolyU is the major Electrical Engineering undergraduate programme in Hong Kong. Our Department has a long history of close association with the Hong Kong industry, through our high-level consulting services and research. We put strong emphasis on the sound understanding of fundamental theories and concepts and their practical applications, as well as the necessary skills for becoming a competent and professional engineer.

As a student, you will be more motivated and excited as you will find out the applications of what you have learnt through practical examples, case studies and projects. You will also enjoy excellent practical training at the University Industrial Centre and plenty opportunities of industrial attachments both locally and overseas. Because of our persistence on combining theories with applications in teaching, our graduates are always regarded as amongst the best and hence most sought after by the employers.

The creative and open-minded thinking and problem-solving skills of our graduates are the essential attributes of the professional engineers in the 21st century. 

What you will learn

  • Power systems
  • Power electronics
  • Machines and drives
  • Energy conversion
  • Electrical services in buildings
  • Fibre optics
  • Control and automation

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Programme Structure

  • Students complete a first year of fundamental studies in common with students within the Engineering Broad Discipline. The Year One curriculum focuses on the underpinning subjects (such as Physics and Mathematics), languages, information technology, and General Education studies.
  • The Year Two curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of engineering science, engineering mathematics, computing, and introductory studies of electrical engineering.
  • In Year Three, students follow a semi-structured study pattern by taking compulsory core subjects in electrical engineering and Elective Subjects. The focus is on consolidating the fundamentals, team work and experimental methods. Besides, discipline-specific language subjects are studied.
  • Students can either select the full-time mode or the Sandwich mode after Year Three. In the Sandwich mode, students receive one year of industrial training (before proceeding to the final year). In the full-time mode, students take the advanced Core Subjects and Elective Subjects together with their Final Year Projects. Final Year Projects provide a comprehensive learning experience in engineering technology, problem-solving techniques, communication skills (both written and verbal) and creative thinking. Depending on their career aspirations and specialization, students can choose from a list of technical and non-technical Electives to complement their knowledge in different areas of electrical engineering.

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).

Students' Messages

Tam Shun Hang (2012)

When I first entered the Electrical Engineering programme at PolyU I thought that I needed to study subjects related to electronics in my first year. However, we studied English, physics, mathematics and information technology. This was a great arrangement because knowledge in these areas is necessary in preparation for higher-level learning. We also needed to take the Freshmen Seminar for Engineering, which was interesting as we had a chance to create something like a robot arm or a solar car. That enhanced my understanding and sense of belonging to engineering.

I also studied Cluster Area Requirement (CAR) subjects focused on human nature, community and globalization, history and science. Whole person development is important, and these subjects helped me to expand my capacity outside of my disciplinary domain.

Chow Shuk Ling (2011)

Are you still trying to decide on an engineering discipline? If so, Electrical Engineering is definitely one of the best choices! PolyU’s Department of Electrical Engineering has one of the best reputations in Hong Kong because students learn the fundamental principles such as power systems, power electronics and building services. This foundation ensures that we are well equipped to become professional engineers.

Why choose Electrical Engineering? Because it provides you with practical training and placement opportunities that allow you to experience real-life working environments in the industry, but leaves you free to be inspired and think innovatively. Students are taught to appreciate the beauty of business through studying accounting, economics and management in this programme. The Electrical Engineering Department really supports its students, and I am proud to be one of them. I hope you consider joining us!