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Power Systems


The Power Group’s research focuses on the following areas: power system deregulation and restructuring, dynamic stability and security assessment, application and optimization of FACTS devices, intelligent protection devices and AI methods, and real-time digital power system simulation. The group has excellent track records in both research publications and research grants, and there are currently over 20 active research projects in the main areas. In the past five years, the group has successfully produced seven PhD. and three MPhil graduates and presently there are 14 research personnel working towards their MPhil or PhD.

The group has close research co-operation and contacts with a number of international universities and research institutions in China, U.S.A., Australia, Canada, U.K. and Singapore.

Current Research Projects

  • Available Transfer Capacity and Optimal Dispatch in Open Power Markets
  • Corrected Transient Energy Function approach for dynamic security of interconnected power systems
  • Probabilistic Eigenvalue Analysis in Oscillatory Stability Study
  • Ancillary Services Pricing in Deregulated Power Systems
  • Forward Contract and Market Power in Deregulated Power Market Operation
  • Digital Real Time Power System Simulator Development
  • Intelligent Protection Coordination System
  • Computational Intelligence Applications

Special Equipment

The group has developed a digital power system simulator based on an SGI multi-processor super computer integrated with electromagnetic transients simulator (HYPERSIM). Numerous power softwares are applied to both research and teaching, including Powerworld, ERACS etc.

Research Support

The group has close links with power utilities both in Hong Kong and overseas. Current and previous funding includes CLP, HEC, Hydro Quebec and Powertech as well as funding from the Central Research Grants Council.

Group Members