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The Fibre-Optics Research Group has established reputable research programmes in the field of photonics. Specifically, the focus is on fibreoptics components, optical communications and fibre-optics sensors. The Group consists of 5 academic staff and about 10 other researchers. The main research interests are fibre gratings, photonics crystal fibres, polymer waveguides, gas sensing, structural monitoring, optical amplifiers, optical signal processing, DWDM systems and monitoring of DWDM signals.

The Group also has strong collaboration with many research groups both locally and internationally. It also enjoys good industrial support to explore new applications such as fbre-optics sensors in inventory management for the oil-industry, temperature and strain measurements of the Tsing Ma Bridge. Last year, the Group received about HK$4 million worth of optical equipment from a local photonics company.

The Fibre-Optics Research Laboratories house many specialist equipment and facilities such as a 10 Gbps DWDM test-bed for studying high-speed communications, one excimer laser for the fabrication of fibre gratings for communications and sensing applications. The total value of the optical equipment and components housed in the fibre-optics laboratories is about HK$15 millions.

Funding of the Fibre-Optics Research Group is mostly from the Hong Kong SAR Government Research Grant Council. Hitherto, the Group has 7 successful CERG applications. In the last 2 years, the Group has received about HK$ 1.5 millions from collaborative research projects with overseas companies and about HK$ 1 million from consultancies. The total research funding received by the Group in the last 3 years is over HK$ 10 millions. The Group has also published over 100 international journal papers in the same period.

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