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Research Centres and Laboratories

The research infrastructure of the Department has been flourishing with the injection of generous funds from various sources in the last several years. As a result, the Department has spent more than HK$30 million to set up research laboratories in parallel with our teaching laboratories. Efforts have been made to recruit and maintain high caliber staff members.

The Department targeted to establish 3 new advanced research laboratories. In 2008, the HK$25M Specialty Optical Fibre Fabrication Laboratory was created to boost the optical fiber development and innovation. The Smart Railway Research Laboratory, a PolyU-Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp (HK) Joint Lab formed in 2006 demonstrated our capability in enhancing photonic sensing network through the development of the world’s first Smart Railway Monitoring System. The creation of HK$10M Smart Materials Laboratory in 2012 further advanced the smart railway research and also allows the development of novel wireless sensors to support the growing number of research activities.

Centre / Laboratory Location Laboratory Supervisor
Theme-based Research Laboratory AG713 Z. Xu
Photonics Research Laboratory BC720 A.P. Zhang
PolyU - KCRC Smart Railway Research Laboratory CD001 H.Y. Tam
Speciality Optical Fibre Fabrication Laboratory CD002 H.Y. Tam
Power Systems Research Laboratory CF004A K.W. Chan
Fibre Optics Research Laboratory EF404 H.Y. Tam
Electric Vehicle Research Laboratory FJ001 K.W. Cheng
Multi-functional Materials and Systems Laboratory I HJ802* S.W. Or
Multi-functional Materials and Systems Laboratory III HJ803A S.W. Or
Low Voltage Materials Laboratory HJ804 S. Boles
Photonic Sensors Research Laboratory HJ805 W. Jin

* Also serves as Teaching Laboratory