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Research Centres and Laboratories

Centre / Laboratory Location Laboratory Supervisor
Photonics Research Centre
• Photonics Research Laboratory BC720 A.P. Zhang
• Photonic Sensors Research Laboratory HJ805 W. Jin
Power Electronics Research Centre
• Electric Vehicle Laboratory FJ001 K.W. Cheng
• E.M.C. Laboratory CF004C K.W. Cheng
Electrical Machines Laboratory CF004A W.N. Fu
Femtosecond Laser Laboratory EF405 H.Y. Tam
Fiber Optics Laboratory BC522 W. Jin
Fibre Optics Research Laboratory EF404 H.Y. Tam
Low Voltage Materials Laboratory HJ804 S.T. Boles
Micro-processor Application Laboratory EF006 W.L. Chan
PolyU - KCRC Smart Railway Research Laboratory CD001 H.Y. Tam
Power Systems Research Laboratory EF001 K.W. Chan
Smart Materials and Systems Laboratory HJ801 - HJ803a S.W. Or
Speciality Optical Fibre Fabrication Laboratory CD002 H.Y. Tam
Theme based Smart Grid Research Laboratory AG713 Z. Xu
Advanced Materials and Devices Laboratory HJ809 & HJ810 K.H. Lam