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Railway Engineering (RE)

We have established a very strong partnership with MTRC in the development of large-scale Condition Monitoring Systems (CDS) to enhance the safety aspects of local trains and metros. As appointed by MTRC-HK, the group has also install a comprehensive Condition Monitoring System at HK$10M that include i) the track based system to monitor the performance of each and every passing train and ii) an instrumented train to monitor the rail tracks, from 2006 to 2013.

The Smart Railway Research Laboratory, a PolyU-Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (HK) Joint Laboratory, formed in 2006, demonstrated our capabilities in enhancing photonic sensing networks through the development of the world’s first Smart Railway Monitoring System.

Our strength is not only demonstrated locally, but also internationally. We have expanded our work scope to outside of Hong Kong, including Singapore, Australia and Europe. Staff from Railway Engineering Group was appointed by SMRT (Singapore) to install an anti-derailment warning system which measures the dynamic weight of passing trains with a funding support of HK$10M. This is the only pioneering system to accurately measure the dynamic weight of trains in the world, June 2013-2015.