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Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Electrical Engineering
Programme Co-ordinator: Dr Norbert Cheung


The Engineering Doctorate Programme (EngD, programme code 05001) is a self-financed advance programme, caters for those who wants to pursue advanced electrical engineering studies beyond Master Degree level. This doctorate programme consists of half coursework and half research. The coursework will consist mainly of advanced subjects from our MSc. pool, whereas the research will be an innovative type of study with strong industrial application characteristics.

Aims and Objectives

To train engineers who are capable of demonstrating creative skills in the application of advanced knowledge in electrical engineering, and to develop innovative thinking while solving real industrial problems.
To enhance the professional competence of the students who are already, or have the potential to rise to senior management or principal research/development positions.

Mode and Duration

This is a credit based part-time programme. The minimum duration is three years and the maximum duration is eight years. It is expected that most students can complete in five years.

Entrance Requirements

The normal requirement is a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering or related discipline. Under very exceptional circumstance, a good Honours degree in Electrical Engineering can be considered. The candidate must have substantial working experience. He/she must also show evidence of company sponsor or support.


The Students who complete both the course work and thesis components satisfactorily within the maximum period will be awarded the "EngD" title. He/she will be able to use the abbreviation "Dr." before their names.

Other Information