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Academic Staff

TAM Hwa-yaw

BSc(Eng), PhD, IEEE Fellow, OSA Fellow, CEng, MIEE
Chair Professor of Photonics and Head

Room: CF624



Hwayaw Tam, received his primary and secondary education in Sabah, Malaysia.  He studied B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Manchester (UK).  From 1989 to 1993 he was with Hirst Research Center, GEC-Marconi Ltd. (London), working on optical components and systems, and erbium optical fiber amplifiers.  He conducted pioneering works in optical fibre amplifiers, and in 1992 built two of the first batch of optical amplifiers for Italian PTT.

Prof. Tam joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1993 and is currently the Head of Department, Chair Professor of Photonics at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Photonic Research Centre at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Prof. Tam established several world-class research facilities at PolyU, including two fibre-drawing towers for fabrication of photonics crystal fibres and polymer optical fibres, an ultra high-speed communication laboratory, and laser platforms for the fabrication of advanced fibre gratings. His current research interests include fabrication of special optical silica fibres and polymer fibres, optical fibre communications, and fibre sensor systems based on fibre Bragg gratings and photonic crystal fibres. Prof. Tam published more than 500 technical papers and awarded/applied about 20 patents, has extensive international research collaborations with many universities around the world and is a keynote/invited speaker at more than 40 international conferences.

Prof. Tam has strong R&D collaboration with industry and his team installed many FBG sensing systems, including an FBG-based SHM system for the 610-m Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China and several condition-monitoring systems for railways in Hong Kong, China mainland, Taiwan, and India.  Currently, Prof. Tam’s R&D team is building the world’s first city-wide fibre-optic sensing network for condition-based monitoring of metro systems in Hong Kong.  Prof. Tam won numerous international awards for his inventions, and is the Third Prize Winner of the Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis 2014.  Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis is a biennial event and it is one of the highest remunerated international innovation prizes for laser technology

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Honours and Awards

1. Bronze Award for the project “Innovative Opto-Electronics Railway Monitoring System” in the Fifth China International Invention Expo held in Shanghai, Sept 2004.

2. Gold Award for the invention of FBG sensors for Railway applications, International Exhibitions of Inventions at Geneva, Switzerland, Apr 2004

3. President Award 2001 for research and scholarly activities, 2001

4. Faculty”s Best Researcher Award, 2001

5. Gold Award for the invention of fabrication of long-period gratings, International Invention Expo 2000, Nov 2000

6. Hirst Research Inventor Award in “4-port Wavelength-division multiplexer for fibre amplifiers,” GEC-Marconi Ltd., UK, Nov 1991

7. Hirst Research Inventor Award in “Novel Fusion Splicing Technique,” GEC-Marconi Ltd., UK, Nov 1991

8. Hirst Research Inventor Award in “Novel configurations of fibre amplifiers,” GEC-Marconi Ltd., UK, Oct 1991.

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2016 - 2017

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