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CHEUNG Chow Norbert

BSc(Eng.), MSc(Eng), PhD, CEng, Sen MIEEE, MIET
Visiting Associate Professor

Room: CF604
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Dr Norbert C. Cheung obtained his BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of London, University of Hong Kong and University of New South Wales in 1981, 1987 and 1996 respectively.

From 1981 to 1985 he worked in the Advanced Manufacturing Dept. of General Electric (HK), and the Electronics Services Division, Hong Kong Productivity Council. During this period, he acted as the project leader for the development of Hong Kong's first Photo-plotter System; a high precision numerically controlled light plotting machine for printed circuit board production.

From 1985 to 1992 he worked as a lecturer and a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. From 1992-1995 he went to Australia and took a PhD, in the actuator control at the University of New South Wales.

Before he rejoined the HK Polytechnic University in 1997, he worked for 2 years as a Technical Manager at ASM Assembly Automation, in the areas of intelligent motion control and robotics systems. Dr Cheung is a Chartered Engineer, a member of IEE, and a senior member of IEEE.

Dr. Norbert Cheung has published more than 25 papers in books and journals, more than 70 papers in conference proceedings, and has obtained 3 patent inventions. He has received the President's Award for Excellent Achievement, the IEEE Industry Application Society Best Paper Award, the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Best Presentation Award, the Chinese Power Supply Society Outstanding Paper Award, and the PolyU's Most Valued Product Development Award.

Dr. Norbert Cheung is married with two sons.

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Invited Conference Papers

Honours and Awards

Patents granted


1. CHENG,ka wai eric, XUE,xiangdang and CHEUNG,chow Norbert, "In-wheel Switched Reluctance Motor Drive". US - US8,544,580B2 (Oct 2013)