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Academic Staff

BU Siqi

BEng, BSc, MEng, PhD, CEng, MIET, SMIEEE
Assistant Professor

Room: CF626



Dr Siqi Bu received his B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, B.Sc. in Management of Industry and Business and M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering all from Southeast University. He then obtained his Ph.D. from the Queen's University of Belfast (UK), where he continued his postdoctoral research work in the same department before entering industry. Subsequently, he joined National Grid UK as a Power System Engineer and then became an experienced UK National Transmission System Planner and Operator. He is an Assistant Professor with Department of Electrical Engineering at PolyU from 2016 and also a Chartered Engineer with UK Engineering Council.

Dr Bu’s research interests mainly includes the following themes:


·power system modeling, stability analysis and control

·power system planning and operation

·grid integration of onshore/offshore wind power generation

·VSC/LCC-HVDC system and FACTS/ESS technology utilization

·plug-in electric vehicle application


With the increasing penetration level of renewable energy driven by government policy and technology development of power electronics, the conventional power system has encountered an unprecedented challenge. To investigate the system issues brought by the grid integration of wind power generation such as stochastic uncertainties, fault ride-through and inertia reduction etc., Dr Bu’s research intensively focuses on the impact of high penetration of wind energy on various stability issues (i.e., small-signal, transient, voltage and frequency stability) as well as economic operations. Therefore, relevant research models, methodology and control strategy have been proposed and developed by project applicant considering the application of HVDC, FACTS and ESS technology in improving the security, stability, reliability and economic efficiency of large-scale power systems. His complete and ongoing research has been published in the international peer-reviewed journals, which are mainly related to the following topics: deterministic and stochastic analysis of power system dynamics, enhancement of FRT capability of wind power generation, hybrid ESS design to maintain power balancing and system frequency, minimization of transmission loss of power system with VSC-MTDC network, and utilization of spatiotemporal complementarity of renewable energy sources in power system stability and economic & reliable operation etc.


 Besides research projects, Dr Bu has been leading and involved in many industrial operational and commissioning projects in National Grid UK for the past a few years, where he has been awarded various prizes due to excellent performances and outstanding achievements. He was a Part-time Lecturer for years. He encourages heuristic teaching and fully appreciate that the core value of Engineering is application and contribution to the society development. He served as a committee member of IET Berkshire network and an organizing committee member for quite a few international conferences and research seminars. He is in the editorial board of Science Publications Energy Research Journal Special Issues and also an active reviewer for over ten international peer-reviewed top journals.


Currently, Dr Bu is proactively recruiting international researchers and PhD candidates to support the research to utilize the intelligent computation and data analytics in the power system operation and analysis. You will collaborate with international academic and project partners and develop novel computational and analytical techniques for the following research areas:

1. Application of PMU and Big Data technology in power system event detection and preventive control
2. Application of Data Mining/Machine Learning in the power system stability margin prediction and energy forecasting
3. Optimal dispatch and control of distributed generations based on various constraints of distribution network/Microgrid with typical uncertainties


Please feel free to contact him if you have any interest in the relevant research.

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Invited Conference Papers

Honours and Awards

- IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Outstanding Reviewer Award (01/2018)


- Renewable Energy Outstanding Reviewer Award (12/2017)


- IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy Outstanding Reviewer Award (1/2017)


- National Grid Gold Award (02/2016, 01/2015, 04/2014)

- National Grid Silver Award (01/2016, 05/2015)

- National Grid Bronze Award (07/2015, 10/2014)

- NARI-RELAYS Outstanding Research Award (09/2007)

- ROCKWELL Outstanding Research Award (04/2006)

- Outstanding Leadership Awards (2006-2008)

- Excellent Academic Record Awards (2002-2006)

- Vice-Chancellor Award (06/2003)


Patents granted