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What is EE

In recent years, due to the issues of Energy Crisis, the Global Warming, and the Pollution Problems, Electrical Engineering has become increasingly important. For mankind to continue to develop, future Electrical Engineers must develop ways to generate and use electricity more efficiently and effectively. Large amount of resources will be poured into the profession to develop new apparatus and systems. The Electrical Engineering is now entering a new and exciting phase. In the not too distant future, you will see the following taking shape:

  • Hybrid and pure electric vehicles will replace petrol cars.
  • Wind farms and solar panels will appear in large scale to produce renewable energies.
  • Advanced high-speed electric trains will replace airplanes as the preferred way of inter-city travel.
  • Highly efficient lighting device will replace traditional electric lamp as primary lighting components.

Since the 1997 handover, Hong Kong has become the centre hub of Southern China's booming economy. To keep up with rapid development, Hong Kong is now expanding its electric mass transportation, constructing more intelligent buildings, and introduce more measures to encourage Hong Kong people to utilize electricity more efficiently.


  • to become one of the best departments in electrical engineering in the South East Asia.


  • to provide (i) top quality education in electrical engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; (ii) top quality applied research in electrical engineering with abundant publications in the best international journals; and (ii) top quality professional service to industry and local community.