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Awards and Achievements

HKIE-LTD Best Student Paper Awards 2020

We are glad to inform that our TSE student, Mr. Wilson Kwok has awarded the HKIE-LTD Best Student Paper Award for 2020.  Wilson’s dissertation title is AI model for signalized intersections analysis.


His project was on developing an AI model for arterial road traffic signal timings using Machine Learning. The objective of this project was to build an AI model to analyse and to recommend optimal signal timings, by learning from existing systems. Using Artificial Neural Network, Wilson was able to develop AI models with sufficient accuracy to be used in practice. The level of accuracy depended on the amount of training data for complex network. Wilson’s great work has spun a new project that is to determine whether the trained model features are transferable to other arterial road networks to reduce the need for large training data set.


Our greatest congratulations to Wilson!